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What a wonderful time we live in! Especially for all of us who are authors.


It wasn’t too many years ago that if you wanted to write a book you would have to overcome two obstacles (in addition to writer’s procrastination): hunt down a literary agent who might accept you (likely not if you are a first-time author) and then finding a publisher. The alternative was to spend a lot of your money for what would likely be classified by the industry as a legacy or vanity book.

Traditional publishers would pay for the costs of producing your book. They would accept the responsibility for marketing and distribution of your book. They might give you an advance on your book. In return, the publisher would own the rights to your book. That’s correct. You would give up your baby for adoption. To top things off, you would be lucky to get 7% for each book sold. The final insult is that you lose control of the creative process.


Not today. You are empowered as an author. You are an independent author. You should be very proud!

Like the music industry world, the publishing industry has changed (and continues to change daily). Technology has driven much of the change. Print-on-demand (POD) changed the dynamics completely.

Mainstream (i.e., traditional publishers) will still pick up the cost of publishing your book. They will still own the rights to your book. However, marketing and distribution are now your responsibility.

The price for self-publishing your book is now extremely affordable. So why would the independent author give up book rights, accept a 7% royalty, relinquish the creative process, and then have to spend their own money for marketing and distribution? You don’t have to.


You are now in control. You will keep the rights to your book. You will receive revenue rather than a royalty and it will be substantially higher than 7%. You will control the creative process.


There are two fundamental problems with being a self-published and independent author:

  • You cannot afford to be looked upon as a self-publishing author. Despite the recent admission of the industry that there are very talented authors out there, a stigma still exists for the “self-publisher.”
  • You must market and distribute your book. Even the best-known authors are expected to promote their books. You have to build up your audience and that takes time especially for first-time authors. In today’s world, that is accomplished via social media.


We are here to assist you with the first hurdle. Once you are identified as an author with a bona fide publisher, people will talk to you differently. It’s like driving an Indy car for the Roger Penske team versus driving a go-cart all on your own.

Let us explain how we can assist.

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