Non-traditional publishing

A Concierge-Style Publisher for the Independent Author

What We Are

We are a non-traditional publisher committed to making the independent self-publishing author relevant and legitimate in the constantly changing publishing landscape.

Too many self-publishing authors are not taken seriously and given the respect they deserve.  We help you eliminate that problem.

All you need to do is write a good book!

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What We Do For You

Yooper Publications® and Stew Ross will walk you through the publishing process step-by-step.

You, as the independent author, will become relevant and legitimate to others because we provide you the following:

  • You maintain ownership of your book.
  • Your book will exhibit the Yooper Publications®
  • We will get your book into the Library of Congress.
  • Upon your approval, your book will be featured in the Yooper Publications® catalogue of books.

Despite the strides we’ve made over the recent past, self-publishing authors are not given the respect they deserve. Our system will change that for you.

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