The OC Equation

What’s The Secret Formula for Making Employees Fall in Love with Your Company? It’s all in the Equation. The OC Equation, that is. What makes employees stay at a company long-term? Why do some employees enjoy going to work each day? If you’re going to win, not only in the war for talent but in the marketplace, why not be abnormal and base your competitive advantage on something truly unique and sustainable – your Organizational Culture (OC)? While understanding your organization’s values and philosophies is an important first step, if employees are encouraged, and even required, to share, embrace and live the organizational values and philosophies, a unifying Organizational Culture will take hold. When your OC is strong and positive, greater employee satisfaction and commitment will begin to emerge because repeated behavior patterns can be trusted which will ultimately lead to enhanced performance. As more and more employees accept and buy into your OC, believing it to be beneficial to them as employees, as well as to the health and welfare of the organization, momentum will grow establishing the conditions where the OC can ultimately be leveraged into what can become your true competitive advantage.


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